What we do


Business Intelligence

The idea has been in existence for a while and it is not a modern idea. According to Sun Tsu in The Art of War, says “…what enables the wise commander to strike and conquer, and achieve things beyond the reach of ordinary men, is foreknowledge. The foreknowledge could be transform into Business Intelligence in the modern days.

Business intelligence could be defined as the art of gaining a business advantage from data by answering fundamental questions that are peculiar to the business.

We can say that business intelligence is not about the tools and technologies, it is a strategy of making the data available from all areas of business in one location where it can aid the business decision at operational and strategic level. Our clients has benefited from our wealth of knowledge from our team in making BI a reality in their company with minimal budget

Consultancy service

We are world class data Management Company with right calibre of staff, our staffs are well trained and distinguished professional in their chosen fields. We offer one of the best consultancy services in the data management. We deal with both the theory and practical application of data in the business.

We have set up a data process that has improved the process of the company, reduce interdependency of process and reduce the time to order by more than half.



We carry out analysis on the data on behalf of our client; we have always tried to understand what benefit our client can derive from the data that have collected over the years. We have carried out different both descriptive and predictive on behalf of our clients.

We perform both onsite and on-site analysis using the technologies that keep our clients ahead and without stress on their finances. We are vendor neutral and because we understood how it is made, we are always confidence on our result.


Data visualisation is not about drawing graphs but to present the right information to the right person using the right tools and in a clear and precise format. We have done this severally with our client.

Our slogan with visualisation is ‘Make it simple, it is not about colour’ we have avoided colour riot in our visualisation. We have developed an interactive visualization with our clients.



SELF Service BI

Over the years, we have realised how skill most workers are but they did not have the right tools and data to work with. We have partnered with organisation to bring on board self-service BI. We have developed a central repository, after data cleansing, quality assurance and application of business rule at central location.

We have design and developed multidimensional cube for our client that allow end user to slide and dice the data using a technology that they are used to and carry our both operation and strategic decision within a short time using the data.

Customised Training

We have help organisation in saving money on their training budget and provide a first class training that was put into use immediately by the organisation. We have assisted in boosting the confidence of the staff and achieved a higher ROI.

We achieved this using the data that the staffs are used to and they are able to understand the new technology with ease. We have motivated the staff and the after training support that we introduced gives our clients assurance of their money well spent and they get a better value for money in the long run

Our courses includes:

SQL server (Integration Services, Reporting Service and Analysis services

Dynamics AX and CRM

Dynamics 365



Data Integration and Migration

Over the years, we have client that has built their business data using the spreadsheet. The process has been tie to this process. After many years of growth, the spreadsheet couldn’t support the business again and it is time to move into either a customised application or standard application. We have assisted our client in preparing their data by integrate the business data into one area, design a process and carry out the migration to the application of their choice without losing business time and no data loss. We have developed in-house application to support our client’s business with a limited budget.

We have migrated data from text file, spreadsheet, MS access to Relation database system.

Data warehouse and BI Architecture

With our years of experience in data management, we have helped our client in designing a robust data warehouse and business intelligence with a very limited budget and using an existing technology. Our architectural design is mostly based on the technology the client have already(Re-usable Technology).

We offer advice where we feel the existing technology cannot meet with the need of the customer based on the requirements we have gathered. Our aim is not to make our client to spend more money but to save them money and maximises the return on investment.



Database Administration

It was said in the data world that the company that loss the data are likely to be out of business within three years. We have done everything possible to safeguard the client data as part of the business strategy by providing administration and disaster recovery plan to the client. We have improved on the database performance by offering best practice and customised advice. We have streamlined the business process that is adding overhead to the server and cause business down time.

We have carried out root cause analysis and implement a proper change management process in the database and application code release. Our clients have benefit from our wealth of knowledge.

Technical and Staff placement

We have worked with clients to place a suitable staff in the organisation. We are not recruitment agency, we supply the right and trained candidate that will hit the ground and make positive impact in the organisation. For a short term contract, we support our staff throughout the assignment at no extra cost; we normally call it buy one gets many free.


Big DATA and New technologies

Over a period of time, we have helped our clients in architectural design of big data, we have discovered that little or nothing is being done in turning the data into action. In order to improve on our services, we have team up with a leading university in carrying out research in big data analytics.

This will enable us to serve our client better and maximises the ROI. There are a lot that could be done with both structure and unstructured data. We have done predictive analysis using paid and open source application.